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KSL is a family based on the life we all lead in the spotlight. VIPs all around; strictly Starlites.
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No matter who you are, you are a star.

From the Youtubers to the big leagues, the decorated to the newbies, the red carpet's open for everybody. You're one of the world's brightest stars. You decide where you go from here.

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This is the Starlife.

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Korean ☆ Starlife

[ swaggie notice ]

Hi darlings. I fear that it’s a little obvious by now, but KStarlife has finally come to it’s end. 
Nearly two years of fun, friends, laughter, and family- it’s been a complete and wonderful experience, and it would not have been the same without all of you. Thank you for all the time and effort you’ve invested in our family. It has truly become something I will never forget. 

You have all been so wonderful to me and each other. I have changed, grown up for the better, and it’s due to being part of such an amazing family- my Starlites! Though we grow up, out, and apart, we are all still connected by our special bond. 
Once a Starlite, always a Starlite. 

You all are welcome to keep the -ksl suffix if you’d like- I will. However, a suffix does not determine your worth to our family; you are all such special, precious, shining stars. We might not always be in the same constellation, but we will always be part of the same galaxy. 

I’ll be around here and there. If you ever need someone to talk to, please don’t hesitate to drop me a message- just because the family page is inactive doesn’t mean I’m not still around. I’d be more than happy to talk to you all on any occasion, whatever it may be. Your family always has your back. 

I hope to meet you all again, maybe under another guise, another universe… No matter what it may be, we all have that special underlying connection. 
Thank you all for your contribution to the Starlife family- be it years or a few hours, you have improved our family immensely. Thank you. I love you. 

Keep shining bright, my Starlites!


☆ Please welcome Ariana to the Starlife.

Luhan of EXO is now reserved.



☆ Please welcome Suho to the Starlife.
★ Please welcome Hyeri to the Starlife.
Anonymous asked: I'm coming back! Its eunji from long ago im not sure if yall remember me but yea im coming back :3


☆ Please welcome Eunji to the Starlife.
★ Please welcome Sunny to the Starlife.
Anonymous asked: Hey. I used to minzy ksl long time ago. Idk if you guys remember me but I'm thinking about rping. I hope you guys will take me back. :) lol I won't be minzy but yeah

You are always welcome back, dearest Minzy! Once a Starlite, always a Starlite. We’ll welcome you back with open arms, and we’ll be anxiously awaiting your return. 

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Activity checks:

From here on out, when activity checks are conducted, everyone who is inactive for 1+ week will be listed on a notice that will be tagged under #kslthings- which is a tag you all should already be following. 

Inactivity/Deactivation/Switching directories:

If you are inactive for 2+ weeks, you will automatically be removed from the masterlist- as has always been the case. (Unless on hiatus, the 2+ week rule has always been in tact.) However, we will send a message your way to just notify you that such action has been taken. Feel free to ignore it and move on, notify us if there has been a mistake, or alert us that you are still, in fact, active. 
No such message will be sent if you deactivate (obviously) or if you have switched directories without letting us know.


If you have sent a message to the directory that has not been given a response, please let us know immediately. We will seek to rectify this ASAP.
This goes for all incoming affiliates, applications, and members.

As always, suggestions are welcome to help make our family a better place. 

Thank you for your patience with KSL. 

We hope to have some family events coming up soon, please look forward to them! 

Free to be Roleplayed:

Due to inactivity:

  • Jun. K of 2PM
  • Jongup of B.A.P
  • Kyung of Block B
  • Minhyuk of BtoB
  • Sungjae of BtoB
  • Jaejoong of JYJ
  • Suzy of Miss A

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If you happen to end your journey with us, please be so kind to leave us a message so we can make room for the people who would love to roleplay under your face.

Thank you. 

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Trolling Saturday ended. Thank you to everyone who participated.