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This is the Starlife.

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Korean ☆ Starlife
☆ Ready to make their debut into the Starlife:
  • G-Dragon of Big Bang

  • Taeyang of Big Bang
ppanaye asked: Hello squishy directory, i'll be taking my leave. I will really miss it to be here ㅠㅠ Always take care and I love you all, xoxo ❤

We will miss you too, Tiffany! Stay healthy and keep that cheerful attitude of yours wherever you go. 

nominwoox asked: Hey, I'll be leaving, since things are too hectic for me. You guys were great, keep thriving!

We will do our best, thank you Minwoo. Take care and don’t get too stressed out, alright? 

Free to be roleplayed:

Due to leaving:

  • Tiffany of SNSD

  • ICON 

Free to be roleplayed:

Due to deactivation:

  • Luhan of EXO

Due to inactivity:

  • Sulli of f(x)

Due to leaving:

  • Namjoo of Apink

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We now have a family AIM chat! Just message Jaejoong on AIM if you’d like to be added!

★ Please welcome Krystal to the Starlife.
namjooxrn asked: Hi guys! I'm going to be taking my leave! I'll miss this family so much but its just time for a change. I love you all so much!

Thank you for being part of the family for so long Namjoo. Be well and know you are always welcome to rejoin us. 

zhoumi-ksl asked: -pokes all your bootys-

Well what can I say, this directory collectively is a fine piece of ass ;) 

☆ Ready to make their debut into the Starlife:
  • Krystal of f(x)
ppanaye asked: Hi i just made my aim acct it's pinkeufany ^^

Got it! We’ll update your info. ♥

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Members of any directory are welcome! Please make your name your URL so we can identify you!

☆ Please welcome Maeda to the Starlife.
☆ Ready to make their debut into the Starlife:
  • Eli of U-KISS
★ Please welcome Jinki back to the Starlife.